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 Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail Exploratorium museum

Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail Exploratorium museum


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Before the opening of the high-speed rail has not yet, the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail Exploratorium museum on the way to high-speed rail will be presented in front of the world. Mimic high-speed rail and down into the high-speed rail compartment model Exploratorium, first printed into the eye is a combination of technology and aesthetics of the station hall, allowing you to experience the bright and comfortable space design. In the story of Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail District has a high-speed rail construction process, we can according to different levels to understand the history of public transportation milestone. Besides introducing the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail, the museum there is a huge screen lets you see the faces of the world high-speed rail, as well as high-speed railway in the world to create a record, all with high-speed rail development relationship problems are all here for the to answer your questions