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Carbase is set up for offering web service to the huge area of International Car Rental service. By Internet skill, tourist is so easy to get an ideal car in a real picture and its feature description for his trip. The Free Tour Way is the hottest word for huge China and other Asian countries. It means that tourist is totally free to choose the places to see and the schedule for pleasure. All what he needs is a convenient transportation device. This platform is not opening for regular upload, because we have to manage the quality of the car supplied.


We shall offer tourist two main advantages,


There will be more and more car rental companies and car owners join Carbase and offer the car information on this platform. In the beginning, hundreds of cities with international airports are our targets to link. Tourist has less concern or worry about where the rental company is? Am I legal to drive by using my driver license? How to process? How much is the rental fee? Is it reasonable? Can I hire a driver for few days? How about the insurance? All the needs should be settled down before your departure.

The Ability to plan a long trip;

Because of the breakdown of every city, you might to connect all stops in the whole trip, by planning your activities of each stop more accurately.

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